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The best way how to forecast the future is to create it. That's why MGM philosophy is exactly creating the future of real estate business. In this way it is best decribed by Wayne Gretzky's quote - one of the best ice-hockey players of all times. 

„I skate where the puck is going to be, not where it has been!“

Wayne Gretzky answered the question from the journalists about how he does it to be the best NHL ice-hockey player. MGM also tries to be few years ahead, innovate, set new trends and be different from the competitors the maximal possible way.  

And except that the MGM team tries to give someting more to the clients, do someting over the standard of our duty or offer additional renumeration to our client. We follow the idea by Baťa: "Our custumer, our master" and the client has always been on the first place in our company. We measure our success based on the number of satisfied customers.

We are not "common" brokers. We wish to leave permanent message, improve the real estate environmnet and lift up the level of real estate business even higher. 


Our vision is to improve quality of life for many people by providing the top quality in reality business and other related services in buying, selling and renting the estates. We want to set the trends and create the future of real estate business.  

By the time, the MGM real estate group and its people will be considered as the best real estate advisor and mediator, not only in the view of their clients, partners but also general public.


Our vision is also providing long term experience and know-how via MGM franchising  to our partners and educate professionals too.


We are going to keep the position of the leader in the segment of real estate education of general public and students, who we shall constatly provide further support to.


We consider MGM as the best "place for life" for satisfied real estate agents, realtors, specialists, partners and all the employees.


We offer estetes where we can image our own existence, living and doing business. We offer estates which we identify wtih, and we believe that can bring added value to our clients.

We respect every person, no matter where they come from, what job, reliegion or colour of the skin they have. Each client is considered as personality. Therefore we approach to each of them individually, respecting their needs and requirements. We offer "turn-key solutions".

Only when our clients are satisfied, then we consider the business successful. WIN - WIN solution is on of our many principles creating our company culture.  The principles include confidentiality, responsibility, professionalism, punctiuality and many others. We are never satisfied with parcial result, we are not superficial - we go to the core and we examine the details.

We highly respect the trust of our clients, which we try to build constatnly via top quality service, mamimum transparency, quality and professional team of specialists, serious and direct negotiation.

The pay the same respect to ourselves. The whole MGM team is considered as own family. We respect each other, help and support one another. Each of us keeps MGM ethical codex.  We play fair, we share the information and cooperate. Within the selection of new people we focus mainly on personality requirements, character traits and moral integrity.

The education system MGM  REAL ESTATE ACADEMY © is one of main atributes within our cultrure. We take care of education of all MGM staff, so that they are professionals with human attitute and humbleness. We build ambitions, self-reflexion and responsibility inside of them. We teach them how to set and meet abitious but realistic targets. The proof of quality of our MGM  REAL ESTATE ACADEMY © education system is that we have offered part of it as concept for education to National association of real estate agencies Slovakia / Národnú  asociáciu realitných kancelárií Slovenska- NARKS/ and Mgr. Mário Glos is one of their in-house lecturers. We educate the same way the professionals via publications or via training and workshops. The aim of this activity is global increase of professionalism in real estate business, which has been our target for many years.

Social responsibility is an integral part of our culture. Reciprocally for the gained trust which was received from our clients since 1997, we have created many education projects, such as Driver's Licence - (we train more than 1000 students  concerning main reality estate topics), we printed the book Real Estate Manual -  REALITNÁ PRÍRUČKA, we give lectures at universities, help via sponsoring, we save the envirnomnet and recycle.  


The real estate business has become our mission. Not a job or just a profession.

By our experience in the segment of brokerage we fulfill the dreams of our clients about the living and also business. We save their time, energy and finance within our services with high added value and guarantees.

We educate the professional and provide support through our publications and training. NOur target is the global increase and development of prefessional real estate business.

We have created the project: to educate the general public and students. The aim is to increase the awareness and knowledge, i.e. "real estate literacy." We have also published book: "Realitná Príručka“ and we are constantyl active in publishing activities.

The mission of our franchising is to help our partners all the time and make their business easier. Provide them strong backup, unique educiaton system, legislative and legal support, management system including the brilliant marketing.  In other words provide them with our complete know-how and that way give them competitive advantage. 

MGM is the best "place to live" for our real estate agents, staff and people involeed in our company. We view our people as part of own family. We build such conditions so that our people shall be satisfied not only financialy but satisfied also with their life, careeer, also that they could make their drams and wishes come tro and feel happy. We create highly motivating environment, we provide maximum support in field of marketing, education, material or leagal. We provide the overall support.

Publishing activities

Publishing alongside the education is one of the most important pillars of the philosophy of MGM. Our publishing activities are divided into two categories and to this day we have published hundreds of articles, reports and blogs. 


  • The first category is focused on the general public and helps ordinary people with better orientation in the real estate world.
  • The second category includes professional public, which in addition to organizing workshops and lectures we provide education also in this direction. Articles are advisory in nature and with high added value as they are based on years of experience. The MGM's vision is also this way to professionalize the real estate market.
  • Our articles, blogs and opinions are published in various media and prints, for example Forbes, Trend, Hospodárske noviny, SME, magazine of Properties, monthly magazine, and many others.
  • We have also published our own book  REAL ESTATE MANUAL and you can find our current articles including the archive in our BLOG.